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Don Dye pressed steel pulleys are designed to make a complete, economical, self contained unit for either flat or "V" side of belt. They are furnished with a single-row, radial-type, highest quality precision ground, pre-lubricated ball bearing (made of 52100 bearing steel) with contact-type seals to insure positive retention of lubricant and full protection against dirt, dust or foreign matter. These bearings contain a 60% fill of high temperature grease, no re-lubrication required. The ball bearing inner ring is extended on both sides to provide clearance for abutting parts and greater support on the shaft. A compression ring (USA Patent No. 4518372) is compressed between the center O.D. of bearing and center I.D. of pulley bearing pocket to assure a firm reliable fit of pulleys to bearing. This helps distribute loads from the pulley more evenly to the outer bearing race resulting in minimum distortion of bearing O.D. Our tests have proven this method of bearing installation to give longer and more reliable bearing life. With little or no alterations, these belt pulleys can be adapted to new designs or to existing machine.

Applications for Idler Pulley Units

  • Accurately bore sized for easy, quick mounting on standard 1/2" or 5/8" bolts (1/2" bore removable sleeve std. in all pulleys) 3/8" sleeve is available if requested.

  • Pulleys are riveted for strength and durability- No spot welding is used.

  • Feature smoothly rolled out edges which eliminate belt chafing and scuffing

  • "Weep Holes" on the rivet circle allow water drainage when the pulley is mounted in a horizontal position.
    Zinc Plated

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